Highest blessing

  • Excerpts from Paritta Pali (A Collection of Eleven Protective Suttas) and Protective Suttas (An English Translation with an Introduction) by Sayadaw U Silananda
  • Not to associate with fools, to associate with the wise and to honor those who are worth of honor.
  • To live in a suitable place, to have done meritorious deeds in the past, and to keep one’s mind and body in a proper way.
  • To have much learning, to be skilled in crafts, to be well-trained in moral conduct and to ahve speech that is well-spoken.
  • Caring for one’s mother and father, supporting one’s spouse and children and having work that causes no confusion.
  • Giving, practice of what is good, support of one’s relatives and blameless actions.
  • Abstention from evil in mind, abstention from evil in body and speech, abstention from intoxicants and non-negligence in meritorious acts.
  • Respectfulness, humbleness, contentment, gratitude and listening to the Dhamma on suitable occasions.
  • Practice that consumes evil states, a noble life, seeing the Noble Truths and realization of Nibbana.
  • The mind of a person (an Arahant) who is confronted with worldly conditions does not flutter, is sorrowless, stainless and secure.
  • Having fulfilled such things as these, beings are invincible everywhere and happiness everywhere. This is the highest blessing for them.

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