Updated on June 10, 2019

Seven Factors of Enlightenment

1. Mindfulness
2. Investigation of dhammas
3. Effort (or energy)
4. Zest
5. Tranquility
6. Concentration
7. Equanimity


  • 10th Sutta in “Paritta Pali”
  • Gatha (Pali Verse)
  • For protection against and getting free from sickness and disease
  • Reference the three occasions when Venerable Mogallana, Venerable Kassapa, and Lord Buddha felt sick but were cured after listening to and contemplating on the “Seven factors of Enlightenment”
  • This is one of the Suttas that is not only for chanting but also for practice

Bojjhanga Suttas (in Pali Prose) in the Scriptures

1. Mogallana Bhojjhanga Sutta (recited by Lord Buddha)
2. Kasapa Bojjahanga Sutta (recited by Lord Buddha)
3. Buddha Bojjhanga Sutta (recited by Venerable Cunda)

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