Month: June 2019

Pagodas in USA *

First Pagoda The first pagoda in the US was built on the Allegheny Mountains in New York by Dat Paung Zon Sayadaw U Thilawunta (also known fondly as “Mon Sayadaw”) in the 50’s. TKAM Following the Dhamma Duta Mission by Taung Pu Lu Sayadaw in the late 70’s, […]

Patthana in Daily Life *

=> Subtitle : An introduction to the Law of Conditionality => Author : U Hla Myint => Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center, 2010 => Contents ==> Introduction ==> Root condition : Hetu-paccayo ==> Fascination (Sense-object) condition : Arammana-paccayo ==> Predominance condition : Adhipati-paccayo (sahajata, arammana) ==> Continuity condition […]