SPZP-2007 *

SPZP-2007 was hosted by the alumni in Singapore in April, 2007. It was the Fourth RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe. The previous three were

  • SPZP-2000 (San Francisco, October 2000)
  • SPZP-2002 (Singapore, December 2002)
  • SPZP-2004 (Yangon, December 2004)

Yangon was designated to hold the SPZP in 2006, but due to changes in the political climate, Yangon requested Singapore (the alternate host) to take over. Subsequently, the two-year interval between the SPZPs became 2.5 years.


to the Core organizers — Nyan Win Shwe, Maung Aunt, Zaw Tun Naing, Zaw Win Htut & team

and to the Advisers: Saya Dr. Tin Hlaing, Saya U Tin Lin, …

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