A Short and Sad Clip : EE Sayas *

  • I wrote an article for the Commemorative Issue of “Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung” for SPZP-2012 held in Singapore.
  • Tekkatho Moe War (Saya U Moe Aung) was Chief Editor and/or Publisher of the Sar Saung. Saya suggested the title “A Short and Sad Clip : EE Sayas”.
  • Saya U Kyaw Tun graduated in 1948-49 and joined the EE Department. He is the most senior among the EE Sayas.
  • Saya U Kyaw Tun recruited Saya C Ping Lee, father of Dr. Win Aung (M62), to join the EE Department. Per request from H.E. U Than Aung, father of Saya U Aung @Alphonso, Saya C Ping Lee transferred to head the Directorate of Technical Education and Vocational Training.
  • Saya U Sein Hlaing matriculated in 1946 and finished Top in his class of 52. He joined the EE Department as Assistant Lecturer. He studied MSEE at MIT. Upon his return, he was promoted to Lecturer and Head of the EE Department. He served as Professor until his retirement.
  • Saya U Tin Swe matriculated in 1947. Saya was a member of the Prome Hall Soccer team which won the Inter-Hall Trophy for three consecutive years. Saya joined the EE Department in 1953 as Assistant Lecturer. He studied MSEE at the University of Michigan. Upon his return, he was promoted to Lecturer. Saya also played good tennis. He was an early Power User at the Universities’ Computer Center (UCC).
  • Saya U Sein Win studied his BSEE and MSEE at the University of Michigan. He served as President of the RIT Swimming and Water Polo Club, President of the RIT Rowing Club, Line Judge at RUBC Regattas, and Technical Advisor for UCC. Saya retired as Professor of EP Department at YTU.
  • Saya Dr. San Tint joined the EE Faculty in 1961. He played soccer for the RIT Saya team. He served as External Examiner for UCC. Saya retired as Professor of EC Department at YTU. His former students performed Pyinnya Dana in Saya’s memory.
  • Saya U Chin Way was active in SPARK. He migrated to the USA.
  • Saya U Soe Min transferred to DCA.
  • At the time of the writing, Saya U Thein Lwin was a retiree of Singapore Polytechnic, but was active helping students desiring to pursue studies in Singapore. Saya was President of the RIT Badminton Club. He managed the RIT team comprising of Sai Kham Pan (EP69), which won the Inter-Institute Trophy. A few years back, Saya and Sayagadaw Daw May Than Nwe (Joyce, RIT Physics) passed away. Their daughter is a Business Professor in Singapore.
  • Saya U Soe Paing was my mentor at RIT and UCC. Saya retired from UN after managing IT projects at various countries. Saya wrote about his experiences as a States Scholar, as Systems Manager at UCC and as UN Technical Advisor. Saya spends his retirement visiting UK and USA, playing golf and practicing vipassana meditation at Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaung where his younger brother U Wara (U Win Paing, ChE70) is the Sayadaw. Saya had some operations for his heart and his back problems, but he is still active.
  • Saya Dr. Win Tin was active in SPARK and as an entrepreneur. Saya served as Associate Dean of Engineering at Assumption University (formerly known as ABAC).
  • One page is missing during the scan of the article.
  • Saya U Ba Myint retired as Pro-Rector of YTU.
  • Saya U Sein Maung taught at Assumption University. Saya attended SPZP-2000 at the invitation of Daw Lily Win (T72, spouse of Saya Dr. Tin Win M62).
  • Saya U Myo Kyi (EE59) and Saya Dr. Ba Lwin (EE59) are the two most seniors among the EE sayas. I met Saya U Myo Kyi at the meetings (Alumni Association, SPZP, MES). I met Saya Dr. Ba Lwin during his visit to the USA to see his daughter Thiri Lwin.
  • Saya U Moe Aung chaired SPZP-2002 and SPZP-2010. Saya and his team published the commemorative issue of “Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung” for SPZP-2002, SPZP-2007 and SPZP-2010. After retirement, Saya moved back to Yangon. Saya is Patron of SDYF and several RIT-related activities. Saya is a Laureate Poet. Saya is active writing poems (often “Let Tann”) and articles (mostly on EE). Saya published two books and co-authored several books.
  • Saya U Khine Oo was absent in the group photo taken around mid-1966. Saya took some computer courses before going abroad as states scholar.
  • Saya U Tin Shwe (EP66) joined EE Department after graduation. He taught and RIT and ABAC. He wrote an article about his final year days in the commemorative issue of “Swel Daw Yeik Sar Saung” for SPZP-2010. He became a monk, and served as Dhamma Librarian. Sady, he passed away. Saya U Moe Aung wrote “To the Shwe Duo” in the memory of Saya U Tin Shwe and Saya U Hla Shwe (T69). I translated Saya’s poem and published in my RIT Alumni International Newsletter and Updates.
  • During one of visits to Yangon, Saya U Myo Kyi provided two lists of EE sayas. One lists the senior sayas and the other lists the junior sayas.
  • U Than Lwin (Henry, EC69) was my classmate who became an EE saya.
  • U Tin Win, U Ko Ko Kyi, Daw Nyunt Nyunt Yee, Daw Khin Swe Oo were some of my juniors who became EE sayas.

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