Updated on May 2, 2019


  • TTC stands for Teachers’ Training College.
  • In the early days, TTC had its own curriculum, which was different from those used in the [mostly all] English schools, [mostly all Burmese] Vernacular schools, and [mixed] Anglo-Vernacular Schools.
  • TTC had a Practicing School. Some refer to “TTC Practicing School” simply as TTC.

Training Centers

During our younger days, Teachers’ Training for SAT (Senior Assistant Teacher) was done mostly at Kanbe. There were regional centers for training JAT (Junior Assistant Teacher) and PAT (Primary Assistant Teacher).

Some alumni of TTC

  • Dr. Myo Tint, younger brother of Sayagyi U Ba Than, stood 3rd in Burma in the Matriculation of 1952. Dr. Nyunt Tin (SPHS), son of Sithu U Tin, stood first.
  • Dr. Tin Myo Than, son of Pali Professor U Aung Than, stood 2nd in the Matriculation of 1954. Koon Yin Chu (Philip, SPHS, A60) stood first.
  • U Tin Htoon (A60) moved from TTC to SPHS.
  • Saya U Phone Myint (Workshop Superintendent) is an alumni of TTC.
  • U Soe Win (EC70, UCC, PTC)
  • U Win Aung (M70) was selected High School Luyechun. He represented RIT in Swimming and Water Polo. He also served as Secretary.
  • U Kyaw Zaw (EP72, GBNF), younger brother of U Soe Win, was selected High School Luyechun. His spouse is a sayama at TTC.
  • U Khin Zaw (UCC), youngest brother of U Soe Win
  • My sons
  • Three nephews and two nieces

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