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Indian Deities

By Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60, IM67)

The trinity of Hindu Goddesses

  1. Suraswati; goddess of wisdom and learning
  2. Lakshmi: goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity
  3. Parvati: goddess of love, fertility and devotion

Two other significant god and goddess

  1. Ganesh: remover of obstruction, intellect and wisdom
  2. Kali: goddess of time, creation, destruction and power.

Durga puja for Kali is one of the biggest puja in South India and also in Burma. The Kalima temple is on 29th Street in Rangoon.


While Hanuman is mentioned in Mahabharata, it was not in the pantheon of Hindu gods. Yet, in Kandawlay Rangoon, we have a Hanuman temple.

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