Updated on April 27, 2019

Karuna is a Pali term.

Karuna is rendered as Compassion.

Karuna is one of the four Bhamaso Taya. The others are Metta, Mudita and Uppekkha,

Buddha is called “The Compassionate One”.

Mahayana Buddhists emphasize on the importance of Compassion.

Sayadaw U Sobhana (GBNF) had four Indonesian siblings as his students. He named one of them Karuna. She was present at Sayadaw’s Last Journey.

U Moe Myint (M76) and several alumni are members of the “Karuna Ah Thinn” in Singapore. One of its activities is to help the needy for the Last Journey of their loved one.

We see an outpouring of Karuna in the relief efforts for Disaster Recovery (e.g. Cyclone Nargis).

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