HMEE (2)

H.E. U Khin Maung Cho (M73) donated books covering the history of selected plants and factories to Myanmar Engineering Council (MEC) and HMEE-2018 project.

U Charlie Than, President of MEC, handed over the books to the HMEE-2018 project led by Saya U Aung Hla Tun.


Saya U Aung Hla Tun and team compiled a History Book in 2012. The sayas attending SPZP-2012 received the Book. Some books were put on sale. Some books were given to YTU and selected libraries.

Due to time and resource constraints, the HMEE-2012 project was scoped.


HMEE-2018 project will revise the History Book published in 2012, and will also compile additional books to cover the topics that were deferred by the HMEE-2012 project.

MEC has pledged support for HMEE-2018 project.

The alumni associations and/or interested alumni groups overseas (e.g. Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and USA) are requested to provide photos and articles about their activities and some write up of the achievements of the sayas and alumni in their country/region.

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