Updated on April 18, 2019


Archaeologists and their associated researchers (linguists, historians, …) help us learn the past.


The British archeologists unearthed the Buddhist sites in India.

Stonehenge is believed to be the works of the Druids, but there are alternative theories.


The French archeologists and linguists (who accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt) discovered “Rosetta Stone”, which enabled them to decipher the ancient Egyptian writings.


Taw Sein Kho is considered to be the first Burmese archaeologist.

U Aung Thaw served as Director General of the Archaeological Department. He authored book(s) and research papers on the archaeological sites in Burma. He lived close to the Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung and often meditated with his family members.

Pyu Sites

Hanlin is one of the ancient Pyu sites. The others include

  • Sri Kresa (Tha Yay Khit Ta Ra)
  • Beikthano
  • Mainmaw
  • Binnaka


Hanlin (Halin) is a UNESCO Cultural Site near Shwe Bo. It has a museum with artifacts (Pyu alphabet, Pyu stone inscriptions, utensils, bones).

Pyu alphabet

Pyu stone inscription (from a tomb)


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