Updated on April 17, 2019

Yupa Beda (Physics in Burmese)

  • We took “Yupa Beda” in the first ever HSF Only examination in 1962.
  • We studied the text by Dr. Maung Maung Kha and U San Tha Aung.
  • Ko Chu Pu Thein scored the highest marks in Physics. After matriculation, he left to study in Europe probably due to the 3 NRC rule.


  • We took Physics in the first ever Matriculation Only examination in 1963.
  • Sen and Gupta was the preferred text used for I.Sc. at Rangoon University.
  • At the SPHS library, there were books by Sears and Zemansky.
  • Dr. Khin Maung U scored “only” 99. Grapevine says that the examiners reluctantly took away a point from his perfect score. He stood First in Burma scoring 299/300 in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. He recently retired from FDA.

Pros and Cons

  • We were guinea pigs for the Education system.
  • We lost one year in the process, but learned some “Translation”.

Top Matriculates pursuing Physics

The following Paulians, who stood in the Top Three in their Matriculation classes, chose to pursue Physics Honors (and beyond).

  • Dr. Than Myint (Harry Wang, SPHS56) joint Third in Burma
  • U Robert Sein (SPHS58), Second in Burma
  • Dr. Frankie Ohn (Hla Tin Ngwe, SPHS59), First in Burma

Some Physics Sayas

Dr. Maung Maung Kha

Saya Kha studied in UK for his Ph.D. in [Meteorological] Physics. He worked for a while in Meteorology Department and joined Physics Department of Rangoon University. Saya served as Professor and later Rector. Saya is a Patron of the RU Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thin. He is a violinist. He accompanied Saya U Ba Kyi to sing “Only Two Darling” (rendition of “Hna Yauk Hte Nay Chin Hte” in English). Saya attended RUBC Regattas and handed over Trophies (during my tenure at RUBC as Treasurer, Vice Captain and emcee/announcer). His family members and former colleagues and students (Saya U Oo Khin Maung, Sayama Daw Thida, …) celebrated Saya’s Centennial with fund raising concerts and commemorative magazine.

U San Tha Aung

Saya U San Tha Aung is a Harvard alumni. Saya served as Director of Higher Education. Saya passed away after returning from an inspection tour. The two Sayas wrote Physics Texts in Burmese and English for use in High School.

Doctorates from USA

Dr. Hla Shwe (Boon Chiong), Dr. Tin Maung and Dr. Tin Aung studied in US for their doctorates.

Dr. Hla Shwe retired as Dean from a university in East Coast.

Saya Dr. Tin Aung taught the longest at RU and retired as Professor. Saya was elected “in absentia” as a Patron of the “Saya’s Association” during 8-8-88 movement. Saya was in an education mission to US at that time. Upon his return, Saya was “asked to retire” by the higher authorities.

Kan So Kan Kaung Sayas

In the late 60’s, several Physics sayas were selected to study in the Soviet Nation and other East Bloc nations. They were not in high spirits. They were surprised to learn that they would eventually study in UK. Grapevine says that four Burmese state scholars in GDR (German Democratic Republic, then East Germany) led protests in front of the Burmese Embassy denouncing BSPP and the government. The higher authorities were alarmed and probably concluded that it was safer to send scholars to UK.

According to Saya U Thein Tan (C64), he was also selected to study in a Soviet Bloc nation, but due to changes in policies in the USSR, he ended up studying in the UK.

Some Physics teachers

My Physics teachers include Mehm Than Thaung (Maurice Tun Thaung, RUBC Gold), Daw Khin Khin Su [in I.Sc.(A)], and Daw Nyein, Daw May Than Nwe (Joyce) [in 2nd BE].

U Thein Aung (Micky Tan, SPHS59, RUBC Gold) recruited students and sayas (e.g. Dr. Htin Kyaw & Dr. Htin Aung [twins]) to join RUBC.

U Kyaw Myint (Director, DHE) was a fellow Guest Speaker at the Ngapali Luyechun Camp in the mid 80s.

U Saw Hlaing, U Kin Sein, Mehm Than Thaung (Maurice, RUBC Gold)… and several sayas transferred to the administrative positions user the Ministry of Education. Saya Mehm Than Thaung retired as Rector of University Distance Learning.

U Hlwan Moe, U Tha Hlaing … succeeded Sayamagyi Daw Nyein as Head of RIT Physics.

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