Some Photos of Interest

Old Receipt

Less than 150 kyats for feeding 25 students at Saya U Myo Win’s farewell

RUBC in 1948 – 1949

Sixth Buddhist Council Sayadaws

Oldest Pagoda in the USA

Built by U Thilawuntha (Mon Sayadaw, Dat Paung Zon)

Allegheny, New York in the 50’s

Pagan Road Residents in December 1958

Children of RU Sayas (U Wun, U Thein Han, U Myo Min, U Yu Khin)

Sama Duwa Sin Wa Naung

The Coup D’etat in March 1962 detained President Mahn Win Maung.

Sama Duwa had been designated to succeed Mahn Win Maung.

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