1972 - 1979

Who’s WHO? *

  • U Wynn Htain Oo (WHO) attended PBRS (Private Boundary Road School) and Rangoon Central High School.
  • His friends call him “Shwe Gaung Byaung”.
  • He joined RIT in 1966 and graduated with Mechanical Engineering in 1972.
  • After working in Myanmar and overseas, he decided to devote time to pay back to his alma mater and his mentors.
  • He became a Hmaw Sayagyi (Fund Raiser), Organizer of RIT-related activities (e.g. SPZP and Shwe YaDu), and Patron of RITAA (whose full name is RIT-YIT-YTU Alumni Association).
  • He had surgery a decade or two ago and some minor ailments. Otherwise, he is fit to organize SPZP-2020 and beyond.
  • He is an example of “Great men are short”. He proudly displayed the height disparity in the epic picture standing beside the beautiful Model/Announcer of SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016, and as the Lone Male among the RIT Belles.

Great men are short


Lucky Draw

He won a big prize at the All Mechanical Gathering held at Dolphin Hall.

Saya and his Hna Pyi

He has several “Hna Pyi” (authors, vocalists, entrepreneurs) and best friends including the nationally acclaimed musician Khin Maung Toe.

At an M72 gathering, Saya U Thein Aung (Met72) handed over the “Salwai” (that he won for Set Hmu Maung in 1968) to WHO.

WHO danced with joy. He promised to hand over the Salwai to a younger alumni at an appropriate time.

Fund Raiser

M72 PZPs in 2017 and 2018

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