U Hla Min’s Writings [5]

Updated on April 16, 2019

  • C
  • E
  • I
  • L
  • M
  • V
  • X
  • Bhamaso Taya Lay Par
  • Three Messages
  • Compart System


C is the 3rd letter of the English Alphabet.

C is a Roman Numeral with the value 100.

C may stand for

  • Celsius (which was called Centigrade in the early days).
  • Capacitance

CWS may stand for College World Series (Baseball).

RC may stand for

  • Recreation Center (e.g. in the Rangoon University Main Campus)
  • Regional College (e.g. RC1, RC2, RC3)
  • Roman Catholic

WC may stand for

  • Word Count (a feature of some Word Processing Systems).
  • Water Closet (Restroom)

WCC may stand for World Council of Churches.

Uzin Bobby Myo Tun (A69) wrote :

The Recreation Center in the Rangoon University Main Campus was known to all as ‘RC’ in the 1960s.


E is the fifth letter of the English Alphabet.

We use E to stand for Engineering. e.g. ChE (Chemical Engineering).

We use E to stand for Electrical or Electronic. Examples include :

  • EE for Electrical Engineering
  • EC for Electrical Communications
  • EP Electrical Power
  • EPC for Electric Power Corporation
  • IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
  • IEEE-CS is a Computer Society of IEEE.

E stands for Education. e.g. IIE stands for Institute of International Education.


E stands for Exponent.
e.g. 1E6 (stands for a million) and 1E-6 (stands for a millionth).

e is Euler’s Constant. It is an irrational number with a value of 2.71828…

The constant is named in honor of the mathematician Euler.

e^x (the Euler Constant raised to the power x) is invariant under Differentiation and Integration.

  • Differentiating e^x returns e^x.
  • Integrating e^x returns e^x.
  • The invariant property of e^x is essential to the Transforms and Transformations used for the Analysis and Synthesis in Engineering problems.


With contributions from Dr. Nyunt Wai (Victor, SPHS63), U Win Myint (UCC), Uzin Bobby Myo Tun (A69), Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint and Michael Po Saw (M67)

The list is not exhaustive.

  • 9th letter of the English Alphabet.
  • 3rd vowel in English.
  • Roman numeral with the value of one.

I may stand for

  • Current. e.g. V = IR describes a property of Resistance.
  • I, not you
  • Idiosyncratic
  • Idiot
  • Information. e.g. IT means Information Technology
  • Intelligence. e.g. AI means Artificial Intelligence
  • Intermediate. e.g. I.Sc. means Intermediate of Science.
  • Intra. e.g. IV means Intravenous
  • Iodine
  • Iodide
  • Institute. e.g. RIT means Rangoon Institute of Technology
  • Me, not you
  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Iatrogenic (disease caused by doctor)
  • Icterus (jaundice)
  • Impotence
  • Injury
  • Infarction (localized death of an organ)
  • Incompatibility (blood transfusion, organ transplantation)
  • Ischaemia (decreased blood supply to an organ)


  • (I) Inflates the ego that brings one’s downfall!
  • I may stand for the President post of the world government, if there is one (the dream of Bertrand Russell).


  • 13th letter of the English Alphabet.
  • Roman Numeral with the value 50
  • L stands for Inductance or Inductor. e.g. RLC Circuit
  • L stands for Law. e.g. BL (Bachelor of Law)
  • L stands for Liter.
  • L stands for Sterling Pound.
  • Lb stands for Pound (weight).
  • LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.
  • LDC stands for Least Developing Country.
  • LDL stands for Low Density Cholesterol.
  • LLC stands for Limited Liability Corporation.
  • LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud.
  • LWP stands for Light Weight Process.


  • M is the 13th letter of the English Alphabet.
  • M is a Roman Numeral with a value of 1000.
  • M may stand for Million (or 1,000,000).
  • M may stand for Mega. e.g. 1 MB (Megabyte) = 1024 x 1024 bytes (more than a million). This has roots in using the Binary Number System in computers.
  • MIT may stand for Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. Professor Horwood (MIT) came to the University of Rangoon as a Visiting Professor. Sayagyi U Ba Hli proposed the Twinning Program, and Professor Horwood helped implement on the MIT side by accepting Burmese students for undergraduate and graduate study.
  • MIT may stand for Mandalay Institute of Technology in Myanmar. BIT (Burma Institute of Technology) was renamed as RIT (Rangoon Institute of Technology) to allow engineering institutes to be opened in Mandalay and other cities.
  • M&A stands for Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • M&M is a brand of chocolate/sweets.
  • MI may stand for Machine Intelligence.
  • MI may also stand for Military Intelligence.
  • MIS may stand for Management Information Systems.


  • V is the 23rd letter of the English Alphabet.
  • In the Roman Number System, V has a value of 5.
  • V is used as a symbol for Victory.
  • VG stands for Very Good.
  • V may stand for Volt, a unit named in order of Volta.
  • VW stands for Volkswagen (or Folk’s Wagon).
  • VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration.
  • VLDB stands for Very Large Data Base.
  • In VIBGYOR, V stands for Violet.
  • UV stands for Ultra Violet.

Dr. Nyunt Wai wrote :

VLDL Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol is produced in the liver and released into the bloodstream to supply body tissues with a type of fat (triglycerides). It is one of the bad cholesterols as it can contribute to narrowing of arteries which may result in heart attack (due to death of part of blood-starved heart muscle).

U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) wrote :

This SciFi TV series, V, have had a cult following though it lasted only 2 years.


  • X is the 24th letter of the English Alphabet.
  • X is a Roman Numeral with the value Ten.
  • X is a Check Mark.
  • X represents “Do not know” or “Do not care” (e.g. in Logic diagrams).
  • X represents “Unknown”
  • X-rays
  • X represents “Extra”. e.g. XL (for Extra Large), XXL (for Extra Extra Large), XS (for Extra Small), XXS (for Extra Extra Small)
  • X in Red written by a teacher means “Incorrect” or “Wrong”.
  • Planet X could mean the Tenth Planet or Unknown Planet.
  • Madam X is a movie.
  • Malcolm X (American Muslim Leader)
  • X and O are symbols used in Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language
  • XP stands for eXtreme Programming.
  • Windows XP is an Operating System.

U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) wrote :

There was a joke from one comedian when the movie ‘Malcolm X’ came out. [Malcolm X was an American Muslim minister famous in the 1950s and 1960s and was assassinated Feb 21, 1965.] The joke was that he, the comedian, has been away from the movies for quite some time, he did not know and therefore missed the Malcolm I through IX.

Byamaso Taya Lay Par

  • Metta
  • Karuna
  • Mudita
  • Uppekha


  • Metta is also spelled as “Myitta
  • It may stand for “Unbounded Love
  • It is also rendered as “Loving Kindness
  • It is one of the four “Bhama Vihara” aka “Bhamaso Taya Lay Pa” (along with Karuna, Mudita, and Uppekha)
  • It is practiced as a form of meditation. 
  • U Silananda‘s book on Protective Verses has a section on how to practice Loving Kindness Meditation.
  • Tipitaka Mingun Sayadawgyi recited the Two Methods of sending Metta. It can be found on YouTube and CDs.
  • Metta Sutta” is one of the eleven Suttas in “Paritta Pali” (Protective Verses). It is chanted at most Buddhist ceremonies.
  • Myitta is covered along with Thitsar (Truth) in Dr. Min Tin Mon‘s book “Myitta and Thitsar
  • U Thu Kha wrote a book on Metta Sutta.
  • U Jotalankara‘s book explains the 528 Metta.
  • A Physics teacher said, “Myitta So Dar Ah Hlyar Ah Nan Ma Shee Bay Mei Ah Thwar Ah Pyan Shee Bar Thay Dae.”
  • One monastery in the SF Bay Area is named “Mettananda Vihara”. It moved from Fremont to Castro Valley.

Practicing Metta

(a) By Way of LOCATION:

  • May I be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings in this house be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings in this area be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings in this city be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings in this country be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings in this world be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings in this universe be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.

(b) By Way of PERSONS:

  • May I be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May my teachers be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May my parents be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May my relatives be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May my friends be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May the indifferent persons be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May the unfriendly persons be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all meditators be well, happy and peaceful.
  • May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.


  • Karuna may stand for Compassion.
  • Sayadaw U Sobhana (GBNF) had four Indonesian siblings as his students. He named one of them Karuna. She was present at Sayadaw’s Last Journey.
  • Mahaya Buddhists emphasize on the importance of Compassion.
  • Buddha is called “The Compassionate One”.
  • There is a “Karuna Ah Thinn” in Singapore. One of its activities is to help the needy for the Last Journey of their loved one.
  • We see an outpouring of Karuna in the relief efforts for Disaster Recovery.
  • Karuna is one of the four Bhamaso Taya.

Practicing Karuna

  • May suffering ones be suffering-free,
  • And the fear-struck fearless be,
  • May the grieving shed all grief,
  • And all beings find relief.


  • Mudita may stand for Altruistic Joy.
  • Mudita may stand for Sympathetic Joy.
  • One could and should feel joyful when one hears good news about others.
  • One monastery in Hayward, California is named “Mudita Shwe Kyaung”.
  • There is a magazine named Mudita edited by Saya U Nyunt Htay (Met73)
  • Mudita is one of the four Bhamaso Taya.


  • Upekkha may stand for Neutral [Feeling].
  • A feeling may be Pleasant, Unpleasant and Non-Pleasant & Non-Unpleasant. The last is synonymous with Upekkha.
  • Upekkha may stand for Equanimity.
  • It is non-trivial to sense Upekkha while practicing Vipassana (Insight) Meditation.
  • In a loose usage in Burmese, “Upekkha Shu” means “ignore”.
  • Upekka is one of the four Bhamaso Taya.

Three Messages

(1) King Dutthagamani’s Message

၁။ ငါ ယခု စစ္တိုက္ျခင္းသည္ မင္းစည္းစိမ္ဟူေသာ ငါ၏ ကိုယ္က်ိဳးစီးပြါးရလိုမႈအတြက္ လုံ႔လအားထုတ္မႈ ဘယ္အခါမွ် မရွိခဲ့ဖူးပါ။ ဘုရားရွင္သာသနာေတာ္ ႀကီး အရွည္ခံ့၍ တည္တံ့ပါေစျခင္း အလို႔ငွာသာ ျဖစ္ပါ၏။
ဤသစၥာစကားေၾကာင့္ ေအာင္ပြဲအလီလီ ရပါေစသတည္း။ (ဒု႒ဂါမဏိမင္းႀကီး)

Loose rendition by Hla Min

I am waging wars
not for attaining and retaining the kingly treasures.

My efforts are not for my personal gains.

It is for the sustenance
of the Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation).

Due to the asservation of truth
may I achieve
multiple victories.

(King Dutthagamani)

(2) Mahagandayone Sayadaw’s Message

၂။ ကိုယ္တည္းတစ္ေယာက္၊ ခ်မ္းသာေရာက္ဖို႔၊ ခုေလာက္ႀကိဳးကုတ္၊ အားမထုတ္ဘူး။
ဗုဒၶျမတ္စြာ၊ သာသနာ၏၊ ေရွးခါဘိုးဘ၊ လက္ထက္ကလွ်င္၊ ရသည့္တန္ခိုး၊ ထပ္မညိႈးဖို႔၊ အားႀကိဳးမာန္တက္၊ ငါေဆာင္ရြက္သည္၊ ဆက္လက္ တည္တံ့ပါေစေသာ္ဝ္။ (မဟာဂႏၶာ႐ုံ ဆရာေတာ္)

Loose rendition by Hla Min

If only for my personal well-being
and sukkha
I would not have exerted
too much effort like this.

In order that
Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation)
which thrived in our ancestor’s time
should not decay or decline
but shine much more brilliantly
for a long time
I am serving diligently
with all my might.

(Mahagandayone Sayadaw)

(3) Si Shin Sayadaw U Caritta’s Message

၃။ ျမတ္စြာဘုရား၏ သာသနာေတာ္ျမတ္ႀကီးကို ေရွးဘုန္း ေရွးကံ ႀကီးမားသူတို႔သည္သာလွ်င္ ျပဳစု ေထာက္ပ့ံခြင့္ ရၾကေလကုန္၏။ ဘုန္းကံနည္းပါးသူတို႔မွာကား ျပဳစုေထာက္ပ့ံခြင့္, က်င့္ၾကံအားထုတ္ခြင့္ ကို တရံတဆစ္ကေလးမွ် မရၾကေလကုန္။
(စည္ရွင္ဆရာေတာ္ ဦးစာရိတၱ)

Loose rendition by Hla Min

Only those who have practiced Perfections
and have good kamma [i.e. done kusala deeds substantially]
in their past existences
can support
Sasana (Buddha’s dispensation).

Those who have not [practiced Perfections
and kusala deeds substantially
in their past existences]
will not have the opportunity
even to listen and practice Dhamma
[let alone contribute to the sustenance
of Sasana].

Si Shin Sayadaw U Caritta

Compart System

During a period, students at Rangoon University experienced a very flexible system called Compart

In the traditional system, a student has to take an examination at the end of every academic year.  All subjects for the class have to be passed in order to proceed to the next class.

There are several flavors of the Compart system.

In the Compart system, a student attends Inter (A) for a year, but does not have to take the examination at the end of the year.  The student attends Inter (B) in the following year. At the end of the second year, the student has to take the examination for both Inter (A) and Inter (B) courses.

In the Compart system, there were generally two examinations.

The first examination (or the main examination) was usually held in March. Those who pass all subjects in the examination are eligible to apply for stipends and grants.

Those who pass at least three subjects need only to retake the subjects they had failed in the second examination (or the supplementary examination), which was usually held in June.

Sayagyi U Ba Toke

Sayagyi did not take the main examination held in March, because he joined the Students’ Strike. After the strike ended, Sayagyi had to take all the subjects for the supplementary examination held in June. He passed all the subjects and was eligible to attend the Engineering classes at the University of Rangoon.

Sayagyi was from Mandalay. He needed stipend or grant to attend courses at the University of Rangoon. Since he did not sit for the main examination in March, he was not eligible for stipends and grants.

Moreover, his teachers wanted Sayagyi to study Mathematics Honors at Mandalay College.

Sayagyi wanted to be an engineer, but ended up being a Professor of Mathematics teaching to engineering students and sayas.

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