Aw Pi Kyeh *

San Francisco Bay Area Literary Talk in 2018

  • Aw Pi Kyeh gave a talk titled “Made in Myanmar“.
  • He is President of the Myanmar Cartoonists Association.
  • During his RIT days, he served as Secretary of the RIT Cartoonists Association.
  • He was a contributor and maintainer of the “RIT Cartoon Box” (which was an old telephone kiosk/booth with cartoons pasted from the inside).
  • He also used Mann Bei in his early cartoons

Five alumni

  • Ko Myint Soe is a sponsor of the talk.
  • Ko Win Htut is the son of Dr. Daw Khin Than Nu (GBNF). He asked an attendee to take the group picture with his camera.
  • Aw Pi Kyeh is a speaker along with Min Ko Naing.
  • Ko San Lin (Maung Lu Pay) is a sponsor of the talk. He is an accomplished blogger.
  • Ko Hla Min

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