Dave Singh Saluja

(1) D S Saluja was my classmate at SPHS (St. Paul’s High School), I.Sc.(A) and 2nd BE.

(2) On some weekends, he would invite me to his house in Golden Valley for lunch to be followed by a “study session”. He would bring out 200+ comics and cartoons to study.

(3) Dave volunteered to be “Humor Editor” of the RIT English Association Newsletter.

(4) His father Teja Singh (a serial entrepreneur) had hoped that Dave’s elder brother (Scholarship holder from SPHS and an alumni from the prestigious MIT in US) would help the family set up a tire factory (or similar project). Their hopes dashed after the Coup D’etat and the subsequent nationalization.

(5) Dave’s brother relocated to Bangkok. Dave quit his studies at RIT to join his brother and form “Rama Enterprises”.

(6) Dave would entertain his former schoolmates (e.g U Chit Po Po (M69), Dr. Nyan Taw (SPHS63, Doctorate from Australia).

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