Benny Tan

(1) Benny Tan (M70) is a founding member of RIT Alumni International.

Hosting meeting for RIT Alumni International

(2) He is a Multiple Golden Sponsor of SPZPs. He is co-Chair of the Working Committee for the First RIT Grand Reunion and SPZP held in October 2000.

(3) He is a Past President of BAPS.

(4) He is a major donor along with U Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay, EC70) for the Reunion and Acariya PZP of the Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65.

(5) He had two (or more) successful careers as an engineer and as an entrepreneur.

(6) He is having quality time with his six grand children.

(7) Angelina Tan was the “xerox copier” for Benny.

Honoring Steeve Kay
Sixth Grand Child
SPZP-2000 Organizers

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