69ers in 2017

For archive (Updated on February 27, 2019)

Best Friends Forever Reunion

(1) DEAR R I T 69ers

Want to see you at M3 Food Center 5:30 pm on December 22, 2017 (DIAMOND HALL)

Also take photos and videos at the live stream and upload on this page. We need records.

Moving Forward to 2019 true GRADUATION GOLDEN JUBILEE


Aung Min (M69) & team

Editor’s Note:

Enjoy some photos taken at the Annual Reunion Dinner on December 22, 2017 at M3.


We have only two days left to celebrate the GRAND GATHERING DINNER 2017

Please come and have fun.

You will get Vitamin F (for Friendship)

and Vitamin LL (for Long Life)

Don’t worry

You’ll love everything

Food ( Buffet)

Drinks ( wine/whisky/ Beer/soft / plain tea etc.)

Entertainment. ( opening song, KTV, lucky draw + parcel game)

Speech. ( sharing memory of your youth )

Fund Contribution. ( feel free , from zero to infinity)

We welcome your idea to make the event more fruitful, exciting, and memorable


Starting 5 : 30 pm

Date. 22 December, 2017 (Friday)

Venue. M3 Food Center, Bahan.


Aung Min (M69), on behalf of the organizers

(3) Originally 300+ members (close to 320).

GNBF : 79 (In December, 2017)

82 (as of June, 2018)

Major Gatherings :

1999 : 30rd Anniversary of Graduation

2009 : 40th Anniversary of Graduation

2014 : 50th Anniversary of Admission to RIT (first ever 2nd BE)

2019 : Planned : True Golden Jubilee

Mini Gatherings :

Every month : Breakfast Gathering

Ad hoc : Welcoming members visiting from abroad

Every year : Annual Dinner (with entertainment)

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