1972 - 1979

Class of 78 *


Ko Zarni Tun (EC78) is an Executive Committee member of RITAA. He was also Vice President of Old Johnian Association.

Ko Sit Nyein (EC78) is the boss of Sigma Cable.

Ko Zarni arranged a meeting with Ko Sit Nyein, Ko Wynn Htain Oo, Ko San Kyu, Ko Aung Khine, and Ko Zeya Moe Lay about YTU Library project.

Ko Sit Nyein pledged to help in everyone possible (e.g. donate some items, provide some items at base cost).

The discussion noted that most “temporary” solutions (due to lack of funds) remain “temporary” for a long time (may be permanently). Young alumni will work with the Ah Ko Gyis to make YTU Library a success.

EC78 meeting with Ko Wynn Htain Oo and team

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