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Updated on March 10, 2019

A Long Journey (starting from March 1, 1929)

It’s been a long journey. 90 years is long and I made it. I’ve reached the aged barrier 90 and from now on everyday is a bonus for me. My health is the same, no problem. Blood tests results are good. Memory is still sharp. I can drive my car for grocery shopping. I think I will be with you all this year.

I’m living proof that Exercise and Healthy food will keep you in good health and prolong your life. I’ve been doing exercise since I retired in 1994 after I joined HP Senior Center using the Physical Equipment and having lunch at the center. I use light weights (30, 40 lbs) for arm, leg, thigh exercise and walk fast for 1/2 mile (10 minutes) on a Treadmill.

At night before I go to bed, I do Balance exercise 3 times a week given to me by my Physical Therapist.

So Folks, “It’s your life, Exercise, Eat Healthy Food, No Smoking and Drinking, Travel and Enjoy your good life”.

A True Story

My lone remaining uncle U Thein Han (former Accounting Manager at IBM Burma) wants to share his true story. He wrote :

When I was working at Montgomery County, Division Of Parking, during my lunch break I took a cab to go to a Chinese Restaurant in Silver Spring [Maryland, USA]. The driver was an African-American from Jamaica. On the way I had a conversation with him and came to know he had a daughter studying at Howard University (African-American University) to be a Lawyer. It happened that my wife was working as a Librarian at Howard University at Washington D.C. so I had a good chat with him. When we arrived at the restaurant I asked him if he had his lunch. He said, “No”. I invited him to have lunch with me. He accepted. I had a long talk with him about Jamaica. After lunch he dropped me at my work.

A few days later while I was walking back from lunch in Silver Spring, it rained heavily. I did not have an umbrella. All of a sudden a car stopped beside me. It was James the Taxi driver that I gave lunch. He told me to hop in and took me to my office. When I asked him, “What is the fare?”, he said, “It’s on the house. No problem”.

When you do a good deed to a person, you will be rewarded back one day with a good deed. This is my true story.

Editor’s Note :

A Physics teacher said, “Myitta (Metta) so dar ah hlyan ah nan ma shee bei mei ah thwa ah pyan dowt shee bar de.”
The literal translation is, “Metta (Loving Kindness or Unbounded Love) may not have length or breadth, but it truly can travel bidirectionally.”

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