Notes (016) : Observation [6]

For archive (Updated on February 12, 2019)

In 1951, four students were selected for the Rangoon University Football team. They played for Saya Nyein.

Tint Lwin

In those days, a student at Rangoon University could try several options before deciding a fit for the career.

U Tint Lwin took the Science option hoping to became an engineer. He then changed his mind. He took Biology classes and fulfilled the requisites to qualify for Medical School.

He represented Rangoon University as a goalkeeper. The team played First Division matches at Aung San Stadium.

His spouse is the elder sister of U Myint Sein (M69).

U Tint Lwin became an anesthesiologist. After retirement, Dr. Tint Lwin migrated to the US.

He and his dhamma friends volunteer at Kusalakari monastery in Fremont, California.

Tun Kyi

U Tun Kyi became an engineer. He joined Burma Railways. He played with U Kenneth Shein for Railways and the Burma soccer teams.

Kenneth Shein

He is the father of Daw Pale Shein (Pearl, UCC). He joined Burma Railways. He played with U Tun Kyi for Railways and the Burma soccer teams.

Collegian Nay Win

U Nay Win was with Navy before he attended Rangoon University.

U Tun Kyi and U Kenneth Shein wanted him to join Burma Railways, but he was having fun time with his mentor Saya Nyein, who took care of him.

One day, Saya Nyein was approached by the team planning to make the movie “Collegian” based on the novel by Zawana (U Thein). Saya Nyein recommended U Nay Win, but cautioned that his protege had no prior acting experience.

U Nay Win turned out to be a natural in the interview. He had to forgo his football career, but he gained fame in the Burmese movies.

Observation :

One never knows for sure what the future holds.

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