Terms (012) : Heart

Heart is a body organ.

Heart attacks may result in death.

Heart aches and heart breaks are painful.

Heart Beat

Systems send “Heart Beat” to inform that they are still active.

Some Sayas and alumni contacted me that they had not received my “RIT Alumni International News Update” for some time. They were worried that I might not be well.

I had sent a “Heart Beat” to my sayas and colleagues that my writings can be read from four places :

  • My Time Line
  • RIT Updates (FB page)
  • lifelonglearning140.wordpress.com (free web site which contains archive of my posts
  • hlamin.com (paid web site which contains revised versions of my posts)

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is a school in Rangoon. It is close to SPHS (St. Paul’s High School).

Heartians (alumni of Sacred Heart) include

  • U Tin Htut (Harry, Mon Yu, M69)
  • U Tin Aung Win (Oscar, M69)
  • U Win Boh (Robert, EC69).


The Heart Line is a major Line in Palmistry.

Heart is a symbol used in Social Media.

Hearts is a Card Game.

“From the bottom of my heart”, “With all my heart”, “Heart and soul” and “Heart to Heart” and “Heart break hotel” are lyrics from the Oldie Songs.

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