Months (002) : February

For archive (Updated on February 12, 2019)

My poem for Union Day Supplement in WPD


February 12
Pyidaungsu Nay (Union Day) is a public holiday in the Union of Burma.
It commemorates the signing of the Pinlong Sar Choke (Panglong Agreement) on February 12, 1947.

February 13
Bogyoke Aung San was born on February 13, 1915. He was named Htain Lin. He later changed the name to rhyme with that of Aung Than (his elder brother). Arzani U Ba Win is their eldest brother.
Centennial celebrations for Bogyoke were held in 2015.
February 13 is also as Khalay Myar Nay (Children’s Day).

Tabodwe Festival (Occasionally)

The Full Moon of Tabodwe often falls in February. Two celebrations are held.

  • Htamane Pwe (Sticky Rice Festival)
  • Ovada Partimauk Day (Exhortation)


February 14 :
Valentine’s Day (Chit Thu Myar Nay) is not a public holiday, but many people send greeting cards and presents.

Presidents’ Day :
In the early days, there were two holidays. One to celebrate George Washington’s birthday and another to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.
Later a single holiday in February to honor all US Presidents was proposed.
Some states continue to celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln.


Family Day” (holiday) is observed on the 2nd Monday of February in Ontario.

Family Day is observed on the 3rd Monday of February in British Columbia.

Lunar New Year

Some countries (including China and Vietnam) observe the Lunar Year. It fell in February in 2018 and 2019.

2019 is the Lunar Year of the Pig.

Generally, the Lunar New Year occurs at the end of January or the beginning of February. The date is not fixed in the Gregorian Calendar.


February is the shortest month in the year with 28 days in a Common Year and 29 days in a Leap Year.

  • A common year has 365 days, while a Solar year has 365.2422 days.
  • A year which is not a Century year is a Leap Year if it is divisible by 4. The discrepancy of .9688 days is rounded up to a day.
  • A year which is a Century year is a Leap Year if it is divisible by 400. This ensures that there are 97 leap years in four centuries.

Grape vine says that February initially had 30 days, but one day each was transferred to July (honoring Julius Caesar) and August (honoring Augustus Caesar) to have 31 days in those months (worthy of Roman Emperors). February was left with 28 days.

Ripley’s “Believe it or not” illustrated a grave stone which had February 30.

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