Names (022) : Prefixes

A name may have a prefix.

Prefixes for a male Burmese name include Maung, Ko, U, and Pho.

Prefixes for a female Burmese name include Ma, Daw, and Phwa.

Prefixes for a Burmese monk name include Ashin, Sayadaw, Venerable and U.

Prefixes for Shan names include Sao, Sai, and Nan.

Prefixes for Mon names include Mehm, Min, Nai, and Mi.

Prefixes for Karen (Kayin) names include Saw, Sa, Pado, and Naw.

Prefixes for Kachin names include Duwa.

Prefixes for Chin names include Salai.

Old Burmese passports were issued with the prefix included. This created confusion when matching names from other documents (e.g. birth certificate).

Dr. U Win was called “Hey, U (pronounced as You)” by his friends, who did not realize that “U” (pronounced as Oo) is a prefix for a Burmese name.

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