Poem (008) : Men on the Moon

John F. Kennedy (President of the United States of America) announced

“Before the decade is out, we will send Men on the Moon and bring them back safely to Earth”

In July 1969, we did not have TV in Burma. We listened to the radio. We heard

“The Eagle (code for the Lunar Module) had landed (in Tranquility Bay on the Moon).”

The Apollo 11 mission had Neil Armstrong as Mission Commander, Michael Collins as Command Module Pilot and Buzz Aldrin as Lunar Module Pilot.

I wrote a poem honoring the landing of men on the moon.

I showed it to Ashin Ananda (Reverend F Lutvig), who regularly came to our parent’s house for alms round.

Poem : Men On The Moon

Ashin Ananda gave a copy of my poem to Mr. Hall, Information Officer of USIS to forward it to NASA and the Astronauts. Mr. Hall put my name on the USIS mailing list. I received “Lin Yaung Chi” and several translations.

Ashin Ananda also gave a copy to the Guardian (Daily) Newspaper. It was published on July 25, 1969.

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