RIT (021) : U Khin Maung Tun

Before, during and after SPZP-2012, Saya U Moe Aung floated the idea of Swel Daw Yeik Foundation to help alumni (past, present and future) and to take care of the health of eligible sayas and sayamas.

U Khin Maung Tun (T78) not only seconded the idea but showed his commitment by donating and or pledging Kyat 1500+ Lakhs for SDYF.

U Khin Maung Tun (President, SDYF) and Saya U Moe Aung (Patron)

As President of SDYF, he hosted meetings (with sumptuous lunch) and entertainment. He expressed his desire to retire after a couple of terms, but the EC members politely declined.

Swel Daw Yeik Foundation (SDYF) Pamphlet

He performed a song at SPZP-2016 with Saya U Moe Aung.

I met U Khin Maung Tun and his spouse at the 2015 Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles, and again at a dinner gathering in San Francisco to welcome Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi and visitors from Yangon.

Gathering at sea food restaurant to welcome Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi

U Khin Maung Tun gave me a “Htet Linn” bag with some indigenous medicine and an MP3 player loaded with dhamma talks.

U Khin Maung Tun and family provided “Eye Care” for eligible sayas and sayamas. They have transferred the balance of the Eye Care Fund to Swel Daw Yeik Foundation.

U Khin Maung Tun donated for the SPZP-2012, Shwe YaDu and SPZP-2016 celebrations.

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