Months (011) : November

November was the 9th month of the old calendar. “Nov” means nine.

November became the 11th month of the new calendar.

It contains the Anniversary of my beloved parents.

Deepavali (Diwali) and Tazaundaing (both Festival of Lights) fall around November.

Kathein robe offering usually falls around late October and early November. It must be held during one month following the Full Moon Day of Thadinkyut (which usually falls in October).

November 1st is “All Saints Day“. It is preceded by Halloween (which falls on October 31st).

DST (Daylight Savings Time) requires resetting the clock according to “Spring forward. Fall back.” Currently, DST is set back in Fall (Autumn) on the Sunday following Halloween.

The second Tuesday of November is scheduled for US Elections at the various levels.
(a) The Presidential Elections occur every four years.
(b) The mid-term elections occur every two years.  The House of Representatives serve two year terms.
(c) Senators serve six year terms. To ensure continuity in the Senate, the election of the Senators is staggered into three groups.

Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving have massive sales. Some companies start their “Black Friday” early in November.

Several English words (e.g. November, Black Friday) have lost their original meaning.

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