RIT (025) : Nan Khin Nwe

Nan Khin Nwe is from the 83 Intake. Since the schools were closed for three years, she graduated in 1992. Many alumni lost three years of their precious lives.

She volunteered as a Fund Raiser for SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016. She then became a major Fund Raiser for
(a) RITAA (including YTU Library Modernization)
(b) SDYF
(c) Intake of 83 (including provision of equipment and medicine for cancer patients)

Nan Khin Nwe

She helped with the selection for Scholarships awarded by NorCal RITAA. In the group photo she stood in the back row along with the seven young recipients. To her surprise and delight, Nan Khin Nwe was mistaken by some viewers as a young YTU student.

She compiled Kabyars and some prose for the Second G-Hall Thu Reunion.

Categories: Alumni

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