SPHS (005) : Bakery

(1) Ko Aung Myint (SPHS64, UCC) sent me a photo of SPHS Bakery.

(2) During our SPHS days, the shop was located near the Gate of Bo Aung Kyaw (Sparks Street).

(3) It sold bread and Bombay Toast.

(4) Vendors sold Mohinga and other food in the open building which is used for Drill Practice.


Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

My favorite was cream buns !


Robert Win Boh wrote :

The daughter of SHHS Bakery owner attended SHHS (Sacred Heart High School). She was my classmate till Middle School Classes – but not matriculated as she got married in High School age & left School – FYI


Tin Aung Win wrote :

I like raisin buns.


Ngwe Tun Tun wrote :

I like cream bun also.It was very fresh and delicious.


Robert Win Boh wrote :

I like simple hot bread to carry home running in the our sack as we live in 32nd Street later 51st Street – 3 / 2 Blocks away.


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