Visit (007) : Foreign Leaders

During our younger days, three N’s : Nu (Burma), Nehru (India) and Nasser (Egypt) celebrated the Burmese New Year (Thingyan Festival).

They helped found the Non-Aligned Movement.

Photos : Compiled by Win Aung Gyi (Maung Aung Mon)

Nehru (India)

Nehru and Indira Gandhi (India)

Chou En Lai (China)

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  1. Marshall Tito, President of Yugoslavia during The time U Win Maung was President.

    U Win Maung has appointed my uncle Dr. Htin Aung as his ADc with rank of a colonel. Tito gave many medals to people. The medal he received was a military medal from Yugoslavia.

    Another anecdote was that the sword U Htin Aung was to wear was to long for him and had to be sent back to UK to shorten it.


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