Notes (016) : Album

Many years ago I received a photo album as a present.

Photos were expensive. It costs about 25 – 50 pyas per photo. There is a base cost for processing a film roll, and extra cost for printing the reasonably good photos. One may waste money due to over-exposure, under-exposure, blurred photos (for taking moving objects with a low ASA or DIN).

I do not take many photos. So, my album was not full. I decided to use my album as a Scrap Book.

I pasted some of my publications (poems and translations) from the newspapers (e.g. Guardian, WPD) and magazines (e.g. Forward). I added some captions.

A few years back, I tore off the pages and scanned them. I posted some of them in my Facebook.

As time and energy permitted, I provided details of the photo and some related information.

Benny told me that his parents brought thousands of photos (taken out of many albums to save weight and space) to the USA. With such wealth of material, it is easy to share memories with the descendants.

Thanks to sayas, alumni, friends and readers for sharing rare photos and memories.

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