Terms (053) : Mathematics

During our younger days, we studied Basic Mathematics in English as well as Burmese.

The authors include U Thon, Daw Hla Kunt, and U Pan Yi. Some are based on (or translations of English texts) such as Workman.

In Primary School and Middle School we studied
(a) Ganan Thin Char (Arithmetic)
(b) Ek Khaya Thin Char (Algebra)
(c) Gair Aw Me Hta Ree (Geometry)

In the old Government examinations, Mathematics examination is taken as two papers : Thin Char (Tit) and Thin Char (Hnit).

For some years, the HSF and Matriculation offered Additional Mathematics.

For our Matriculation, we took Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. They seemed easy to Mathematical Geniuses like Min Oo (Kenneth), who had studied Calculus.

Rangoon University used to offer Double Maths (Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics) and Triple Maths (Pure, Applied and Statistics). Most early sayas were experts in Pure Mathematics.

Some Professors in the USA view Mathematics as
(a) Continuous Mathematics
(b) Discrete Mathematics.

Professor Donald Knuth of Stanford University taught a course called “Concrete Mathematics” with topics from Continuous and Discrete Mathematics to Computer Science students. His teaching assistants published a book based on the course.

With the advent of computers, “Computational Mathematics” became a discipline.

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