Names (026) : Gyi [2]

[Maung] Maung Gyi

Ledi Pandita U Maung Gyi is a scholar. He was a famous Dhamma lecturer and assistant of Ledi Sayadaw before he left the order. Pandita (Sage) was the name when he was a monk. Ledi is the lineage.

U Maung Maung Gyi was Professor of Burmese.

Dr. Maung Maung Gyi taught Physics. He moved to Singapore and Canada. He visited his son and grand children in the USA.

U Maung Maung Gyi (SPHS64) worked at UCC.

Aung Gyi

Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi was Rector of RIT. He later worked for UN and Canadian agencies.

Bohmu Aung Gyi (Cyril) was a Navy Commander and a Patron of Defense Yachting. His son Htoo Aung Gyi represented Burma in Yachting.

U Aung Gyi (MASU Maths) was a saya at the Inlay Luyechun Camp in 1965.

U Aung Gyi (Simon, ChE62) is the spouse of Daw Yin Kyi (T61). He is a cousin of U Than Se (Richard, ChE62). I met him in Sydney, Australia and also in the San Francisco Bay Area.


U Aung Gyi Shwe (EE69er) represented RIT in Athletics and Soccer. He is a Khamee Khamet of U Kyaw Myint (T72).

Po Par Gyi is an Academy Award winning actor. He supposedly wore glasses even though he had perfect vision.

U Khin Pe Gyi was Manager/Publisher of Rangoon Gazette and some souvenir programs for RUBC Regattas.

Gyi may mean “Big”, “Senior” or “Elder”.

Examples of salutation in Burmese families:

  • Thar Gyi, Thar Thar Gyi
  • Pe Gyi, Pe Pe Gyi,
  • May Gyi, May May Gyi,
  • Pho Pho Gyi, Phwa Phwa Gyi,
  • Ko Gyi, Ko Ko Gyi

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