Terms (010) : Garawa

(1) It is a time honored tradition to pay respect to one’s parents, mentors and elders.

(2) Garawa can be performed at any time.

(3) Thadingyut is one occasion where most Burmese pay respect to their elders.

(4) In our younger days, some come to our parent’s house with BOC candles, bananas, or token items of gratitude.

(5) Several former students (mostly retired Professors) paid respect to Saya Dr. Soe Win and Sayama Daw May Saw Lwin.

(6) Some time back Saya missed the Puzaw Pwe of ICST/UCSY. He was hospitalized for about 10 days.


Dr. Soe Win wrote :

It’s absolutely amazing how you put together your Trivia (now up to 1537) with accuracy, correct timing and up-to-date. It’s not enough to say you are a walking encyclopedia. I enjoy and benefited by your Trivias as do many others. Thank you.

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Dr. Soe Win 1

Dr. Soe Win 2

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