Symbols (005) : V

(1) V is the 23rd letter of the English Alphabet.

(2) In the Roman Number System, V has a value of 5.

(3) V is used as a symbol for Victory.

(4) VG stands for Very Good.

(5) V may stand for Volt, a unit named in order of Voltage.

(6) VW stands for Volkswagen (or Folk’s Wagon).

(7) VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration.

(8) VLDB stands for Very Large Data Base.

(9) In VIBGYOR, V stands for Violet.

(10) UV stands for Ultra Violet.


Dr. Nyunt Wai wrote :

VLDL Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol is produced in the liver and released into the bloodstream to supply body tissues with a type of fat (triglycerides). It is one of the bad cholesterols as it can contribute to narrowing of arteries which may result in heart attack (due to death of part of blood-starved heart muscle).


U Khin Maung Zaw (EC76) wrote :

This SciFi TV series, V, have had a cult following though it lasted only 2 years.


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