Notes (199) : Messenger

(1) For nearly two decades, I have served as a messenger.

(2) In the early days, many sayas and alumni provided me with articles, news, and photos.

(3) The idea of getting reconnected electronically and physically was novel. There were several hundred who accessed the first RIT web site designed and maintained by KMZ.

(4) Some traveled a long way (from Burma, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) to attend the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe.

(5) Some sayas and alumni became GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten). Some saw a decline in their health.

(6) With the event of social media, the number of RIT related pages grew. There are many silent readers and few active contributors.

(7) Being a messenger is not easy. When an alumni asked me to relay the demise of Ko Victor Win, I double checked before posting the news. Then, someone who is near and dear to Mrs. Victor claimed that Ko Victor was hospitalized, but had not passed away. After some confusion, the sad news was confirmed.

(8) Some sayas and alumni want privacy. They do not want the news of their visits or failing health to be relayed. We have to respect them.

(9) There are many posts by sayas, alumni and friends. I have re-posted only a sample of their works.

(10) As my mentors said, “The message is much more important than the messenger.”

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