Names (009) : Kyu

Kyu Kyu Lwin worked for UCC and Social Security Board (SSB).

Lwin Lwin Kyu taught Mathematics at RASU.

Kyu Hmwe is a writer.

Kyu Kyu Thin is a writer.

U Win Kyu is a senior alumni. He is a Khamee Khamet of Saya U Myo Myint Sein.

Kyu Kyu Lin (Bawlone, T75) represented RIT in Volleyball.

Dr. Kyu Kyu Swe (MBBS, MRCOG) was a Professor at Mandalay Institute of Medicine. She is the spouse of Dr. Pe Thein.

Han Kyu Pe (A70) is Old Paulian. He is GBNF.

Myint Kyu Pe (SPHS58) is Old Paulian. He worked at STB. He is the elder brother of Han Kyu Pe.

Kyu Sein worked at UCC.

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  1. Ma Kyu, Daw Kyu Kyu Lwin, was like a mother Han, if you will, to quite a few young and rowdy Enggs as well as junior staff. She took good care of us at the UCC and at her then new office SSB, at Barr (or Lewis) Street.

    Unfortunately, she did not live long to see what many of us had become. I’m sure she would be very pleased to see us from somewhere above.

    May be great soul rest in peace.


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