Names (018) : Soe

Soe Win

U Soe Win (EP69, GBNF) was Captain of RIT Basketball team.

U Soe Win (TTC64, EC70) worked for UCC and PTC. After retirement, he helped run his spouse’s business.

U Soe Win (M66) was close with Saya U Lin (M66) and U Soe Aung (M66) in their RIT days.

Soe Myint

U Soe Myint was manager of the University Printing Press.

There are four U Soe Myint in the M72 Group. The one with the nicknames “Phone Gyi” and “Sunlun Kappiya” worked at UCC, DCS and ICST. He retired as Pro-Rector of Computer Tekkatho.

Saya U Soe Myint (Min83) was Joint Secretary for SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016. He was active in the RIT Buddhist Association — as Secretary and later as Patron. He helped organize the compilation and publication of Ovada (Exhortation) of the sayas and sayamas invited to SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016.

Soe Paing

Saya U Soe Paing was my mentor at RIT and UCC. He helped Saya Chit (Dr. Chit Swe) found UCC. He has archived his writings in Scrib-D.

U Soe Paing is a vocalist.

Soe Thein

U Soe Thein was a Student Leader in Ta Ka Tha. He was Registrar when RIT was opened under the New Education System. He was promoted to Director at the Department of Higher Education (DHE). U Hla succeeded him as Registrar.

U Soe Thein (Peter, EE69) had a medical operation. He asks his daughter to drive him to the Monthly Breakfast Gatherings of the Class of 69.

Saya Dr. Soe Thein (C75) was an organizer for the SPZPs held in Singapore. He volunteered as a web master for the Singapore Alumni. His son volunteered as a photographer and/or videographer. He invited me as a Guest to the Civil Gathering held before SPZP-2007. He invited me to a C75 gathering held at M3 Food Center in Yangon.

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