Names (011) : Hla


U Hla succeeded U Soe Thein as Registrar of RIT.

Ludu U Hla is a prolific writer, journalist and publisher. He and Ludu Daw Ah Mar nurtured journalists, cartoonists and writers. At one time, Ludu U Hla was forbidden to write about politics. He started compiling folk tales of the Burmese and the indigenous people of Burma.

There are some military officers named Maung Hla.

Hla Maung

U Hla Maung was a Burma Selection for Football.

U Hla Maung taught Burmese at the University of Rangoon. He also taught Abhidhamma. He was a member of the Myanmar Sar Ah Phwe (Burmese Language Commission). He was a Naing Gan Daw Kaung Si Win.

U Hla Maung was a Thamadi Myo Wun, and father of Ronnie Hla Maung (my classmate at SPHS).

Hla Oung

Colonel Hla Oung was a Minister in the Government of the Revolutionary Council. He was President of the Burma Hiking and Mountaineering Association. He is the brother of Colonel Smythe and the uncle of William, Phillip and Elizabeth who represented Burma in swimming and/or diving at the 2nd SEAP Games held in Rangoon.

Hla Thwin

Dr. Hla Thwin was Professor of Psychology at the University. He is the father of Dr. Aye Aye Thwin and U Mya Thwin (Phillip, EP75, USA).

Hla Thein

Prof. U Hla Thein was Professor of Pathology at the Institute of Medicine 1 Rangoon.

U Hla Thein (Robert, M72, USA) donated cash and kind to the Mechanical Engineering Department at YTU. He is a nephew of Saya U Htin Paw (EE58, GBNF) and U Tun Thein (A67, USA).

Hla Min

There were Ministers (for Education and Defense) named Hla Min.

There were Generals named Hla Min (including one who was blacklisted for international travel at one time).

Bohmu Dr. Hla Min (Eddie) was an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Golden Cox for RUBC and Defense Services Rowing Club.

U Hla Min (L T Gwan, SPHS64, EP70, GBNF) was fondly known at UCC as CO (Chief Operator) and Pauk Si.

Dr. Hla Min (Tommy, IM2) was OG. He attended DAC at UCC along with Dr. Kyaw Min.

U Hla Min (Ko Pauk, PWD, EC7x) was a member of the team led by U Win Htein (SPHS56, GBNF) to maintain the electrical systems at UCC.

U Hla Min (SPHS63, EC69) is a Jack of all trades and Master of some. He has volunteered as a messenger of the RIT Community for nearly two decades. He is currently writing Trivia posts. He became a Tone Kyaw when his namesake (an alumni of SPHS, RIT and UCC) passed away prematurely at the tender age of 35 (or so).

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