Names (020) : Ye

U Ye Myint (ChE70) taught at RIT before moving to Singapore. He donated to RIT and ChE.

U Ye Myint (EE72) is the elders son of Sayagyi U Ba Toke. He accompanied Sayagyi to SPZP-2000 held in the USA.

U Ye Myint, father of Zayanda, is a classmate of Uzin Chan Min. They are B.Com graduates.

Dr. Ye Myint is my cousin nephew.

U Ye Gaung was a Minister.

U Ye Gaung (EE80) established May Recording Studio.

U Ye Lwin (GBNF) attended GTI and RIT. He is a Bass Guitarist and Leader of E-Machine & Myizzima Hlaing.

U Ye Sint taught Physics before moving to the USA. He was VP of TBSA, and Editor of Dhammananda Newsletter and the Memorial Book for Sayadaw U Silananda. He has published four books with the pen name “Ogga”.

There were boxers such as Ye Tint and Ye Swe.

Ye Aung is an actor.

Ye Htut Aung is from the first batch of ICST.

Ye Kaung was a Student Political Party at the University of Rangoon.

Ye Yint (formerly Regent) is a cinema.

Madan Chand (C70) wrote :

U Ye Myint (C70) taught at RIT.

Eddie Shein wrote :

Brigadier General Ye Chit Pe (Retired, MEHS64) is my classmate M 70. He descended from Thu Kaung Myoo, a title giving by Myanmar Kings.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint wrote :

(1) Dr. Ye Myint is Burma’s second cardiac surgeon (first was the late Dr. Khin Maung Thaw).

(2) Prof. U Ye Myint was a renowned laparoscopic surgeon.

(3) Prof. Ye Myint Kyaw, pen name Linga Ye Kyaw: Paediatrician, author of over 20 books, script write for the three books made into movies. Regular contributor of both medical and non medical topics.

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