Names (174) : Lwin

(1) U Aye Lwin (M69) served as Secretary of the RIT Mechanical Engineering Association and as a Member of the RIT Annual Magazine. He attended the 2015 Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles.

(2) U Win Lwin (M69) served as Secretary of the RIT Hiking and Mountaineering Association. He and Ko Cho Aye (M70, GBNF) climbed Mount Victoria with the students from other Universities’ and Institutes. The pictures are posted in an early Trivia.

(3) U Tint Lwin (Daniel, M69) retired as Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering from NTU. He attended all SPZPs and took part in the Entertainment Program as a vocalist. He plays the guitar along with Ko Albert Kyaw Min and Ko Robert Win Boh at the 69er gatherings. Saya U Win Mra (RIT English) taught him and his brothers U Kyi Lwin (George, C67) and U Thet Lwin (Henry, EE72) how to play the guitar.

(4) Saya U Thein Lwin (EE, GBNF) is an alumni of Lehigh University from the USA. Saya taught at RIT and Singapore Polytechnic. He was President of the RIT Badminton Association. Led by Sai Kham Pan (EP69), Burma Selected with No. 1 in Doubles and No. 2 in Singles. the RIT Badminton team won the Inter-Institute Championship.

(5) Saya U Kyaw Lwin (George Saw Lwin, EC65, GBNF) was a pianist and a rower. His elder brother Jimmy Saw Lwin is RUBC Gold.

(6) U Thaung Lwin (EC66) is RUBC Past Captain and Gold. He is the younger brother of Saya U Tin U, Saya U Ba Than, Dr. Myo Tint, U Tin Htoon (A60) and Saya U Myo Min (UCC).

(7) Sayadaw Dr. Lwin Aung (A59) served as Professor and Head of Architecture Department and retired as Pro-Rector of YTU. He practices Dhamma and also consults for the construction of religious buildings (pagodas and monasteries).

(8) Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin was Chief Boy Scout of Burma. He served as Ambassador to Ceylon (Sri Lanka). His children include USIS/USIA U Kyaw Nyein, U Kyaw Thein Lwin (Burma Navy, Five Star Line, …), Saya Dr. Yan Naing Lwin (WIU) and U Than Lwin (US State Department).

(9) There are several Colonel Maung Lwin.

(a) One was MI Chief and Ambassador to Germany.

(b) One is the father of U Toe Lwin (Eco Rowing) and U Soe Lwin (Tekkatho Luyechun and amateur astronomer).

(c) One is a founding member of NLD, and the father of Daw Su Su Lwin.

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