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U Than Tun (A66) is the elder brother of U San Maung (A70). They are nephews of Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa. U Than Tun co-authored Kogyi Koung (A67, GBNF)’s article on Sayagyi U Tha Tun, Head of Architecture Department. His grandfather and his father are prominent Pi Thu Ka.

U Than Tun (M70) worked for Defense Industries. We crossed out path a couple of times : during his visit to the USA and during my visit to Yangon (where he drove me home from a gathering of the Class of 70 & 71).

I first met Saya Dr. Than Tun (distinguished Historian) at the Recreation Center. My uncle introduced the Char Taik to Saya. He taught at the University of Rangoon and as a visiting Professor overseas (doing research and writing books in Japan, USA, …).

U Than Tun worked in the Operations Division of UCC. He is spending time with some of his children and grand children in the USA.

U Than Tun (UCC)

U Than Tun, father of Uzin Bobby Myo Tun (A69), passed away recently in his 90’s. Grapevine says that he was a good Tuition Saya who would tell stories about his overseas assignment and about his gifted sons : architect turned Sayadaw, football selected, and vocalist.

U Than Tun (Bpbby’s father)

U Than Tun, father-in-law of Wynn Myint Aung (EC76), was an army officer (Captain) during the Japanese occupation. After Independence, he attended the University of Rangoon. He passed away recently in Frederick, Maryland, USA recently in his 90’s.

U Than Tun (Maryland)

Thakin Than Tun was a founding member of BCP (Burma Communist Party). He served as Secretary of AFPFL (Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League). He attended several conferences overseas. Due to ideological differences and for going underground as Leader of the White Flag BCP, his early contributions to the struggle for Burma’s Independence are not covered in most history books.

Uzin Bobby Myo Tun (A69) wrote :

I do marvel at your ability in managing to compile bio data and records of people from all strata in life! Wow! Quite a chronicler!

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