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(1) There can be spelling variations, e.g. Thin, Thinn

(1) Thynn Thynn Khaing (Janet Aung, EP70) was a Belle and the envy of young sayas and several junior and senior students. Her father U Soe Aung is a contemporary of Sayagyi U Kyaw Tun (EE), U Po Han, U Min Han …

She retired from United Nations. She volunteered as an organizer for the RIT-UCC Reunion held at Ivan’s residence in New Jersey.

(2) Thynn Thynn (Pansy, ChE74) is the daughter of Sayagyi U Ba Toke.

During one of visits to Yangon, she sent a car to pick up Sayagyi U Ba Than, Saya U Tin Htut and me to pay respect to Sayagyi U Ba Toke.

(3) Dr. Thynn Thynn Lynn is the elder sister of Daw Kyu Kyu Lin (Bawlone, T75) and Dr San Lwin Lin (EC77). She was selected Luyechun several times.

She is a Past President of USBMA. She is an accomplished vocalist.

(4) Dr. Thynn Thynn taught at IM(1). She accompanied her spouse Dr. San Lin (C62) to Thailand. While Dr. San Lin worked on a UN assignment, Dr. Daw Thynn Thynn organized a small group to study and practice meditation.

Later, she founded Sae Taw Win 2 Dhamma Center in Sebastopol, California, USA. She taught Abhidhamma and “Mindfulness in Daily Life”. She published a couple of books.

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