U Myo Tun

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Then and Now

The two photos display the physical, mental and spiritual transformation of U Myo Tun (A69).

U Myo Tun

U Myo Tun won Essay Contests held by Dawlay’s Circle of the Guardian Daily Newspaper under the name “Errol Than Tun“.

His friends call him “Bobby“. He loves to play Scrabble. During our younger days, there were Scrabble tournaments at the Guardian, YMCA and the RIT English Department.

Bobby became a close friend of P. Aung Khin (“Paul”) who was in charge of the Dawlay’s Circle. Daw Khin Swe Hla (maternal aunt of Sayama Toni Khine and Ko Henry Thet Tun (M75, Australia) was the first “Dawlay“. After she transferred to Working Peoples’ Daily (WPD) where she managed the Sunday Supplement and the Special Supplement, Saya Tim Marshall and P. Aung Khin helped run the Dawlay’s Circle.

Paul requested Bobby to be a judge at the Scrabble tournaments held at Guardian. Bobby helped with proof reading for Dawlay’s Circle.

U Myo Tun studied Architecture at RIT. His classmates include Tobias K Ku (Toby), Ko Kyaw Kyaw, Ko Aung Khin, Ko Thet Tun, Ma Thwin Thwin Aye Hmi (Olive).

He did post graduate studies at NewCastle-on-Tyne, UK in 1979.

Ashin Pannagavesaka

After retirement, U Myo Tun became a monk with the title Ashin Pannagavesaka. He is a resident monk at Pa Auk Taw Ya Monastery, Moulmein. He serves as Dhamma Librarian. He edited some of Pa Auk Sayadaw’s books. He has gone on Dhamma Duta missions to Vietnam.

His friends call him Uzin Bobby Myo Tun.

Uzin Bobby Myo Tun

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