Mini-gathering in Southern California

A few years back, U Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay, EC70) hosted a mini-gathering in Southern California to celebrate his 40th Anniversary of his arrival in the USA.

The photos were taken by U Sam Chin (ChE62).

U Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) and U Benny Tan (M70) are classmates of U Thaung Sein.

I was from the Class of 69, and hence a year senior to the trio from the Class of 70.

U Henry Khoo (EC67) was the first person to welcome U Thaung Sein when he arrived as SFO (San Francisco International Aiir Port) four decades ago.

Saya Dr. Christopher Lee (EE59, L. Tin Htun) retired from NASA. He was active In BASES and some organizations in Los Angeles.

Dr. Zaw Tun had two dental clinics. He allowed one clinic to be used on week ends for Myanmar Community activities (e.g. Burmese classes, sports, dancing). He also provided support for the Myanmar publications (“Gazette”) in Los Angeles.

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