Old Pay Scales

For archive (Updated on January 26, 2019)

CLA stands for “Cost of Living Allowance”

Pay Scale

  • SS — Starting Salary
  • AI — Annual Increment
  • MS — Maximum Salary (aka Bar Sone)

Tutor (for non-Science Departments)

  • Pay scale : 200 – 10 – 300
  • With CLA, starting pay is 200 + 97 = 297 kyats
  • Lecturing Tutor gets an additional 100 kyats
  • Ad hoc Tutor gets 100 kyats

Demonstrator (for Science Departments)

  • Same pay scale as Tutor

Assistant Lecturer (AL)

  • Pay scale : 350 – 25 – 700
  • With CLA, starting pay is 350 + 89 = 439 kyats
  • Is a Gazetted Officer


  • Old pay scale : 800 – 50 – 1200
  • No CLA, but has access to staff shop
  • Can spend 10% of salary at the staff shop


  • Pay scale : 1300
  • No CLA, but has access to “staff shop”
  • May be eligible for a house in the Campus


  • Pay scale : 1500

Gazetted Officer

  • Assistant Lecturers and above are Gazetted Officers.
  • Details (promotions, transfers, vacation) are recorded in the Gazette.


CLA was abolished.

New positions and scales were introduced.

  • A hybrid system (Professor, Associate Professor and Lecturer) was adopted instead of the more common system (Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor)
  • Engineering Instructor: 450 – 25 – 700 [“new” position]
  • Assistant Lecturer: 450 – 25 – 700 [“new” scale]
  • Lecturer: 800 – 40 – 1000 [“new” scale]
  • Associate Professor: 1000 – 50 – 1200 [“new” position]


Gazetted officer : 450 scale & above

The pay raises could not keep up with the rising cost of living.

Promotions take considerably longer.

  • In the early days, engineering graduates joined the Faculty of Engineering as Assistant Lecturers. In the later days, engineering graduates have to serve as Instructors before they become Assistant Lecturers.
  • In the early days, a Lecturer can get promoted to Professorship. In the later days, a Lecturer gets promoted to Associate Professor.

The Public Services Commission (PSC) took charge of the appointments of government employees.


In the old days, a University is a collection of Colleges. Most departments have a Professor, who also served as Head of the Department. Some departments were headed by Lecturers and even Assistant Lecturers.

There are now some Universities in Myanmar that do not have multiple Colleges. Some departments have several Professors.

There are some private Universities.

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  1. Many Myanmar Universities now have more than one Professors under the Head of Department. I suspect they do not have some segregation, or different responsibilities, among Professorships. In many modern world Universities, not all Professors in a given department have the same responsibilities.Some may spend more time on Research, some on Teaching etc.

    The Ministry must recognize this situation and should not lump all Professorships in the same category. The students (now that many of the, have either Students’ Congress or Students’ Union) need to acknowledge this same situation. Unfortunately, I’ve learnt that some students were not happy with some Professors, started complaining to the higher authorities and get some of the Professors in hot water, so to speak.

    It really is a tragedy..


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