Article : RIT Saya Soccer Team

For archive (Updated on January 25, 2019)

RIT Saya Football/Soccer Team (by Saya U Soe Paing )

Reading about the communications from Richard Khoo (Dr. Aung Soe, C61) and seeing the list of Sayas in the 1966-67 handbook brings back memories of our soccer team.

As I remember it was from 1964 to 1968 or 1969. We played against

  • the senior students of different majors Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc.
  • the sayas at GTI and Natmauk Technical Institute
  • the Burma Air Force officers.

We also played in the annual tournament for RIT Staff. The staff teams are

  • the Sayas
  • Workshop staff
  • Lab staff
  • Hostel staff and
  • the youth team from the RIT compound.

As I remember these were the people in the team.

1. Goalkeepers: Richard Khoo (Civil), Maurice Kyaw Zaw (Chemistry), & Sein Myint/Ah Sein (Petroleum)

2. Defenders: Ko Maung Maung Than (Textile), Ko Aung Soe (Math), Ko Aung Hla Tun (Met), Ko Sann Tint (Elect), Christopher Maung (Civil), U Tin Swe (Elect), Ko Tin Win (Mech).

3. Midfielders: Ko Tin Maung Nyunt (Agri), Desmond Rogers (English), Ko Khine Oo (Elect), Ko Maung Maung Win (Mech), Ko Tin Hlaing II (Mech).

4. Forwards: Ko Pike Htwe (Chemistry), Ko Aung (Math), Ko Tin Hlaing I (Agri), Ko Soe Min (Elect), Ko Kyin Soe (Auto) & myself (Elect).

We rarely practiced but we enjoyed playing the games. We split games with the GTI sayas & the Air Force officers. We beat the Natmauk sayas and we won more than we lost in the RIT staff tournament. But I am sure we lost more than we won against the final year students. Would appreciate comments on this; especially on the names I missed in the team.

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