Peter Khin Tun

Get Together Auckland 2012

Dear friends

Thank you for attending our first International Get Together of Myanmar Engineers and Professionals in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our organizing group had a clear objective to make this function enjoyable, memorable and affordable for all attendees including their families. This was our sole focus in the 10 months of planning. We think we achieved these. However, that would depend entirely on all of you who attended – young as well as the not-so-young.

We especially thank those overseas visitors from Australia and Singapore who made the effort to attend and participate. Our guests from Singapore spent a fun-filled 9 days and managed to do things tirelessly and get to many different towns and places worth touring outside of Auckland. Sandra and I were particularly thrilled with their company for two full days.

We have uploaded to You Tube photos and two video clips we have compiled of this memorable function. We hope you will enjoy them.

Thanks and regards

Stanley [Saw, Myo Lwin, M71]

Editor’s Notes:

Stanley Saw and his brother Patrick Saw are Paulians and RIT alumni. Their sister Dr. Daisy Saw is the spouse of U Chit Po Po (M69, GBNF).

Stanley attended SPZP-2000 in the US with his daughter. He had a minor problem after the Reunion Dinner at SPZP-2012 in Yangon.

Saya Dr. Koung Nyunt (A67, GBNF), Stanley and Dennis Mackey (Kyaw Thu, C73) provided news for “RIT Alumni International Newsletter”.

After retirement, Dennis moved to Canada.

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