Class of 7X


By Saya U Kyaw Sein (M65)

The first Hovercraft was fabricated and submitted as a thesis by 1973 Mechanical students as a partial fulfillment for the Bachelor Of Engineering degree. Their supervisor was Saya U Tu Myint.

Note : U Tu Myint has retired from Singapore Polytechnic.

The next batches submitted thesis on improvement of the first one. VIP test drive was performed for the Minister for Industry at that time, Col. Maung Cho. The test drive was performed on the lake beside Insein Locomotive Maintenance and Repair Shop. The invention was a success.

U Kyi Aung (Roland Chen, ChE73) had the honor to drive the first ‘Hovercraft’ invented by M73 students. Ironically, further improvement projects were stopped for no reasons.

Editor’s Note :

Additional information can be found in the article by Dr. Myint Thein (M73) and the interview of the Hovercraft team (arranged by Saya U Moe Aung).

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