Des Rodgers

(1) Saya Des was our main English teacher in 2nd BE.

Saya was the Chief Editor of the RIT English Association Newsletter.

Saya was a core organizer of the Debates between the 1st BE and 2nd BE students.

Saya played soccer for the RIT Saya team.

Saya is an accomplished musician : guitarist and vocalist, a regular on the BBS Variety Show. Saya would often play with Saya U Win Mra (Burma’s Elvis Presley in his younger days).

Saya was a Scrabble Champion for both singles and doubles.

(2) Saya Des did post-graduate studies in the UK. Saya moved to Canada. Saya taught “English as a Specialty Language” and other English courses. Saya also set up a consultancy firm

(3) Saya Des has published a book on English words that have been “selected” from contemporary news media and magazines. I helped catch some typos (which would go into an amendment).
Saya air-mailed me the book, but I received an opened package from the Post. Saya sent again with “registered” post (including insurance). It cost more than the sales price of the book. Thanks.

(4) Saya had minor medical problems.

(5) Saya’s greetings :

Compliments of the season to you and your family, with every good wish for a bright, prosperous and healthy New Year. Thanks for all you’ve rendered to your RIT school mates and colleagues, not to forget the personal favours you’ve managed to send my way over the years.

Des Rodgers

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